Son of Fronkensteen

The retail release of Windows Home Server (WHS) hit the web- shops in early October. My copy arrived as fast as a flying monkey. The retail price was, as promised, less than $200 ($179 from NewEgg to be exact — a sweet deal considering what you’re getting).

It’s an “OEM” version, by the way; there’s [...]

My Secret Summer Romance

Her name was Jane. We met, quite unexpectedly, at Zaventem Airport in Brussels. At the Avis counter. It was such a random thing, but when I saw her I knew — no hesitation — whatever the cost, I just knew. Some things are just meant to be. With Jane, it was meant to be. Jane. I [...]

Adventures in Telephony — Scaling Skype

I think it was Alan Kay who once said (and I’m paraphrasing here): the personal computer won’t really be personal until you can wear it on your T-shirt. I think of that quote every time I see an IPod commercial.

I find it phenomenal how much of what defines this connected age actually is actually [...]

The next best thing to being there…

I was recently asked to dream up all the ways these new fangled information and communications technologies can save us from the carbon-based perils of flying. Flying dumps tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Not good, that. Technology, of course, that’s the answer, or so they say (who ever they are).

The litany goes something [...]

Wham, Bam! DAM

For all you folks that have been ever so gently bugging me about sharing my damn DAM system… Between minor brain freezes and other lovely things like work and spending two weeks tasting wine in Burgundy, Beaujolais, Cote du Rhone, and Provence; well, time just slipped away. I apologize. [and.. Yes, I have stories to [...]