Son of Fronkensteen

The retail release of Windows Home Server (WHS) hit the web- shops in early October. My copy arrived as fast as a flying monkey. The retail price was, as promised, less than $200 ($179 from NewEgg to be exact — a sweet deal considering what you’re getting).

It’s an “OEM” version, by the way; there’s [...]

Wham, Bam! DAM

For all you folks that have been ever so gently bugging me about sharing my damn DAM system… Between minor brain freezes and other lovely things like work and spending two weeks tasting wine in Burgundy, Beaujolais, Cote du Rhone, and Provence; well, time just slipped away. I apologize. [and.. Yes, I have stories to [...]

Fun with MOSS – Data Views and Custom Filters

In previous versions of SharePoint, I was often frustrated with how difficult it was to do things I thought should be simple. It was probably my ignorance, or it could have been SharePoint’s obscurity and overall lack of good documentation, but it seemed a herculean task to simply filter information by a dynamic variable like [...]

Dancing with Abby Normal…

You may remember my April adventures with a beta of Microsoft’s “Windows Home Server” (AKA: WHS). WHS is a neat little consumer product. I think it also has some applicability in the NGO-SOHO space. It’s perfect, for example, for a nonprofit with fewer than ten or so people in need of automated backup and some [...]

DAM Pictures

While there are lots of consumer-level products to manage digital images, photographs and the like, institutional options, it seems, are not that plentiful. Moreover, those options that do exist tend to cost a pretty penny. I don’t mean Adobe “Album” and Picassa. They’re wonderful products; I use Picassa myself. It’s great for an individual, but [...]